Our Services

Hospice provides various supportive services to individuals, families and groups in the community who are in need of mental, emotional and spiritual support due to serious illness or death. Our aim is to help people understand, manage and adjust to their situations.

The Hospice team provides help through our support, counselling and education programs offered in the Hospice office, hospital, homes, and community schools, businesses and service agencies. Additional programs and services such as the Life Centred Living program are sometimes offered as the need arises and funding is available.

Our team works in partnership with health care staff in hospital, care and residential facilities, and community service agencies and businesses.
Services are offered without charge due to the generosity of our volunteers and other individuals, businesses and service groups in our community whose donations make our work possible

Support Services

The support needs of individuals who are ill and their families vary and change as situations change. Hospice offers information and support through the various services highlighted here, which can be explained in greater detail through contact with the Hospice office at 250-339-5533.

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Assistance with Care Coordination

When faced with serious illness or the death of a loved one, people feel overwhelmed and confused, and may be unclear about the availability of services in the community. Hospice staff works in partnership with other care providers in hospital and community to understand the changing needs of individuals, and helps with planning and facilitating necessary support and care.

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One-to-One Companioning

Volunteers offer their time to visit with individuals in need of someone to talk to about their experiences, share memories, read, and provide a kind presence. Often it is difficult for individuals to share their feelings, thoughts, and spiritual philosophy with loved ones and friends in light of their situation. Companion Volunteers offer a confidential and kind hearted presence where the person lives: home, hospital, or other residence in the community.

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Respite is offered for family members and caregivers of individuals whose care needs are varied and continuous. Hospice Volunteers offer their time to family and caregivers to allow them to rest and attend to other essential activities of living. They are able to be refreshed and physical and emotional burnout may be prevented.

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Vigil Services

Vigil Service is available during the last 72 hours of life. Volunteers offer their time to sit with the individual and family in need of support or relieve them to allow time to sleep or rest.

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After-Hours Support

Service is available after regular business hours by Hospice staff to provide essential support and information for Hospice clients and their families who are in crisis due to a sudden or traumatic death loss. After-Hours Vigil services are also coordinated as needed by Hospice staff and Volunteers.

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Non-Traditional Support (i.e., Healing Touch, and Reiki)

Healing Touch and Reiki are offered by Volunteers with specialized training in those approaches. This may facilitate relaxation for individuals experiencing anxiety or related distress, and may be provided in the hospital, other care facilities, or in their own home.

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Music for Healing

Music can be a gentle addition to other types of support, and pleasant way to alleviate the experience of pain, nausea and other physical discomforts. The Music for Healing program is available for Hospice clients, hospital patients and their families, volunteers, and staff.

  • Musical Mini Retreats:  Each Tuesday afternoon, join musicians as they perform a mini concert for healing and replenishing through music.  A weekly variation includes string instruments, woodwind trios, chanting, keyboards, and crystal bowls. 

  • Music Box Program: Music Box Bedside Kits are available in the hospice office for borrowing. Included are CD players, a selection of CD’s, literature, written material, and art supplies. We invite you to select the items that are suitable for you.

  • Music at the Bedside:  This part of the program is under development. It is planned that Hospice volunteers will offer their musical talents to clients who spend much of their time resting in bed.

  • Music Library:  There is a relatively large selection of CD’s available from the Hospice office to borrow.

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Bed Loan Program

Hospice works with the local Canadian Red Cross to coordinate the use of electric hospital beds for Hospice clients in their homes by providing volunteers for delivery and pick-up. The beds aid the comfort and care needs of people while they are ill.

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Support Groups: Healing From Loss Group, Walking Group, Bereaved Parents

Support Groups provide opportunities for individuals to share their experiences of loss and healing with others who have experienced similar illnesses or losses. Our trained Volunteers facilitate a confidential and supportive process to assist individuals with self-discovery, emotional expression, and learning.

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Counselling services are for individuals who have been recently diagnosed with serious illnesses and their family, friends and caregivers. Counselling is also offered for sudden death due to other causes. The team counsels adults and may counsel children and adolescents. Referrals to other community services are made when appropriate.

Counselling offers a confidential and supportive way for people to sort through the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of their life changes, and adjust as they move through the phases and challenges of the illness or death that has occurred. This may include sharing the loss experience through discussion, art or poetry, relaxation, receiving information and suggestions for reading, and learning about grief and loss. Counselling is offered on a one-to-one basis and with families and small groups as appropriate.

Counselling is provided in the Hospice office and may be provided in homes, care facilities, schools and at work sites.

Access to counselling service is through direct contact by telephone to our Hospice office (250-339-5533) or referral from Health Care and Community Services professionals and staff.

Services are provided free of charge but donations are always welcome.

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Education is a major component of our Hospice programs and services. We believe that sharing our knowledge about living with illness, end of life issues, grief and loss, and spirituality and healing is an essential part of our work as a health and community services partner.

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Training is available for new employees and Hospice volunteers involved in various program, support, and Board roles, including orientation to Hospice and skills training on several program related topics. Our aim is to orient individuals to Hospice and enhance their relevant skills and knowledge. Basic Hospice Training is offered for new Hospice volunteers. Ongoing training is provided as needed for specialized program Volunteers including Group Facilitators, Vigil Volunteers, and others.

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Workshops and Information

Workshops and information sessions are offered to Hospice Volunteers and other community members and groups as needed when available.

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A Lending Library is available at the Hospice office for Hospice clients, their families, and community members. The resources include books, CDs, DVDs, and Audio Cassettes on several topics related to grief and loss, living and coping with serious illness, and information for caregivers. Click here for full library listings

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Life Centered Living Community Program

The Life Centered Living Program includes services focused on the promotion of active, independent, living for adults in the community who may be afflicted with serious illness and those who are not. We provide mentoring programs, various planned activities focused on various interests, and public education. We believe that quality of life can be enhanced at any phase of health and ability. Access to this program and information is available through contact with the Hospice Office (250-339-5533).


This project is funded in part by Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program


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The Comox Valley Hospice Society also receives funding from BC Lottery Corporation in the form of a Direct Access Grant.