It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.

—Jackie Mutcheson

Donation FAQs

Why am I being asked to include a tip on top of my donation?

We use Simplyk, a 100% free donation platform funded by contributions from generous donors like you. Other donation platforms take a percentage. The Simplyk model is based on transparency: 100% of your donation goes to Comox Valley Hospice Society. Instead of a percentage of each donation, Simplyk asks for a voluntary contribution from donors, or a “tip” during the payment process. This voluntary contribution helps to cover the costs of operating the platform and  pay the bank fees so that non-profits can maximize their impact.

Why contribute a tip for Simplyk?

Simplyk offers this platform to CVHS at no cost. It’s  100% free for us to use. Here are some reasons you may want to support them as well:

1. You receive an instant tax receipt from Simplyk.
2. Simplyk simplifies and streamlines our administration process to track your donation, meaning we can focus on other things.
3. Simplyk covers the bank fees of all donations that made through the platform. On other platforms, credit card and bank fees reduce the amount CVHS receives from a donation by approximately 3 and 5%.

How can I tip below the % amount shown?

You can manually adjust your percentage of choice by following the steps below:

Step 1: From the drop-down options, select “Other”
Step 2: Delete the amount in the text box and type your desired contribution amount in dollars OR click on the up or down arrows until you reach the desired amount.
Step 3: Click outside of the text box so that the final total updates to reflect the change.

I don’t want to contribute more than my donation. What can I do?

You have a few different options:

1. Set the tip amount to $0 and proceed with your payment online.

2. Choose a different payment option such as a cheque:
Mail or drop off in person to:
#102 1509 Cliffe Avenue
Courtenay, BC
V9N 2K6

3. Pay by credit card over the phone or in person.*
Note that this option does incur additional fees for CVHS.

*When you choose a different payment option, you may have to wait a few weeks to receive your tax receipt.

I have more questions.

Please get in touch with us by calling the office at 250-339-5533, or email