Family Day Activities

Event Date: February 15, 2021


February 15th is Family Day! Even though many families can’t be together physically for Family Day, nature offers some personal insights. Here are some ideas for ways you can acknowledge your family connections.

Virtual Pancake Breakfast! Plan to merge your multiple households virtually and flip the flapjacks together. Then enjoy some sweet conversation!

Family Metaphor Hunt – Go for a nature walk and look for the natural metaphors that remind you of your family. Maybe it’s a grove of trees that have grown strong and tall together. Or perhaps the tide is out reminding you that while you have to be distanced now,  eventually the tide will turn and you will be able to be close to your loved ones again. Or maybe the sight of snowdrops reminds you of a new baby that’s arrived this year.

Fan Your Creative Flame – Write “I love you” or your own message in the sand or with pebbles, take a photo and send it to someone who may need a reminder. Revitalize the old fashioned art of letter writing and homemade cards and send to loved ones far away or those no longer with you.

Craft Your Quality Time – You’ll find some great ideas to share with the kids or the grandkids at Or share a creative moment with your teen by sharing an activity from Or, include some science insights from this site