Monthly Giving – Friends for Life


You probably know about the emotional stages of grief that can include feelings of denial, sadness, anger, bargaining, and acceptance. What may be less well known is that while stages of grief are common, they are not an emotional template. Through monthly giving, you can help to support someone through their first year of transitions.

Losing someone is hard and the first year can be a steep learning curve. There are firsts of many kinds, special occasions like birthdays and holidays, learning new routines, taking on new responsibilities — even familiar places feel less familiar.  At the same time, someone experiencing grief is also learning to manage a wide range of emotions which can change quickly and unexpectedly. Especially during this time of COVID-19 and social distancing, the loneliness can feel even more intense.

You can help someone through this transition by providing a year of grief support such as counselling, support groups, and compassionate volunteers. These services are available to no cost to those who live in the Comox Valley and who have experienced a recent loss. The kinds of support are carefully determined by our clinical team, and may include 1:1 counselling, phone support with a trained volunteer, various kinds of grief support groups as well as a mail outreach program.

If you or someone you know is in need of grief support, self referrals are welcome by simply calling the office at 250-339-5533. A member of our staff will return your call. Simply fill out the form below and choose $100 as your monthly giving amount.