More Ways to Help

Want to host a Fundraising event? Download our guide to hosting a third party fundraiser!

Fundraising with Facebook:

Some of our supporters have used special occasions in their lives such as their birthday, the birthday of a loved one, or the anniversary of their loved one’s death as a way of helping us to ease the journey of dying and grieving.  If you’re a member of the Facebook community, you can help to raise money to support local hospice care here in the Comox Valley by creating your own nonprofit fundraiser.  It’s easy to set up, and the process is streamlined to directly deposit the money you raise to CVHS within 90 days via PayPal.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Facebook Account.
  2.  Copy and paste this URL into the search bar
  3. Choose Raise Money for Nonprofit and click on the blue bar “Select Nonprofit

4. Next, type in Comox Valley Hospice Society in the search bar. Select our name from the results beneath.


5. A new window will appear with some customization settings. In the left hand column you’ll see settings such as setting a fundraising goal, the length of time it will run, and a personal message to your family and friends. You can also customize the appearance of your page by uploading a cover photo of your choosing. A preview of your fundraising page will appear on the right hand side of the page reflecting the changes you’ve made. To see how the page will look, you can toggle between a desktop or mobile device preview using the icons in the top right corner. Once the page is customized to your liking, you can choose the blue “Create” button at the bottom of the settings fields..

6. Once your fundraiser is created, you can use the share button to post it to your personal profile or send to friends. Those who donate to your fundraiser can select their own privacy settings on the donation form to determine who can see their donation on Facebook, however the donor’s name and the amount donated will be visible to us when the funds are transferred.

Thank you for showing that you valuing the work we do. We appreciate your support! If you have launched a fundraiser, let us know so that we can help spread the word.