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Legacy Gifts

Leave a Legacy

For many of our donors, leaving a gift to the Comox Valley Hospice Society in their Will is a way to celebrate their life and their values. A gift in your Will to help Hospice says so much about what you care about. Download our Leave a Legacy Information Sheet.

Sample Will Clauses

A charitable gift (also called a “bequest”) in your Will can provide a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your Estate, or a gift of the residue, which consists of whatever remains in your Estate after gifts to your loved ones and all expenses have been paid.

A bequest can either be an immediate gift that is spent down in its entirety to advance the work of Hospice or invested in an endowed fund. An endowed fund is a permanent, income producing fund that is held in perpetuity – only the income is spent.

The following sample Will clauses provide a few options for charitable giving at the Comox Valley Hospice Society through your Estate. While there is no obligation to discuss your gift with Hospice, contacting us when you are planning your Estate will help ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Give an immediate gift to Hospice

To give an immediate gift to Hospice, add a clause like this to your Will:

To give [$____ / ____ % / the residue] of my Estate to the Comox Valley Hospice Society, charitable registration number 119280691 RR0001, to be used for such of the objects and purposes as the Board of Directors of the Comox Valley Hospice Society shall from time to time determine.

Or, you could add a clause like this to your Will, if you would like to specify how your gift is to be used (you can change the description of the specific purpose in the [square brackets]):

To give [$____ / ____ % / the residue] of my Estate to the Comox Valley Hospice Society, charitable registration number 119280691 RR0001 (“Hospice”), [to be used for the purposes of volunteer training, education, and support]. If, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of Hospice, it should become impossible, inadvisable, or impractical to use this gift for the specified purpose, the Board may in its discretion use the gift to the best advantage of Hospice, keeping in mind my wishes.

Add to Hospice’s endowment

The Comox Valley Hospice Society has an endowed fund with the Comox Valley Community Foundation called the “Comox Valley Hospice Society Fund”.  As part of its charitable activities, the Comox Valley Community Foundation invests endowment funds for registered charities. These funds fulfill the crucial role of generating operating funds and provide a sense of continuity and security for the charities who have established these funds.

You can feel confident that your gift to the Comox Valley Hospice Society Fund will be held in perpetuity. Because your gift is pooled with the other gifts in the Comox Valley Hospice Society Fund, the impact of your legacy is multiplied because the interest generated on the Fund is distributed annually to Hospice, providing a stable source of on-going income. To give to the Comox Valley Hospice Society Fund, add a clause like this to your Will:

To give [$____ / ____ % / the residue] of my Estate to the Comox Valley Community Foundation, charitable registration number 894354398 RR0001, to be added to the fund known as the Comox Valley Hospice Society Fund.

Tax incentives and other ways to give

You want to leave a legacy to advance Hospice’s work. Taxes are likely the last thing on your mind. But you may be surprised to learn that Canada has some of the most generous tax incentives for charitable giving in the world.

A charitable gift in your Will can reduce the taxes owed, and in some cases even eliminate them, while leaving the same amount of money to your loved ones.

In addition to gifts in your Will, there are other ways to leave a legacy. For example, you can name Hospice as a beneficiary of one or more of your registered funds (like RRSPs, RRIFs, or TFSAs) or you can name Hospice as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Transferring publicly listed securities to Hospice can have significant tax advantages. You can give a gift of publicly listed shares to Hospice in your Will or while you are alive.

It’s a good idea to discuss with your advisor which of your Estate’s assets might be most tax efficient to give.

We’re here to help

Don’t forget to get in touch with us to discuss how you want your future gift to take shape. For example, would you like to get your family involved? Would you like your future gift to be used immediately to advance Hospice’s work? Or, perhaps you would like to invest your gift in our endowed fund.

We’re here to help you meet your giving goals.

For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Jane Sterk, at 250.339.5533 or ed@comoxhospice.com.

Legal Name:             Comox Valley Hospice Society

Address:                    102 – 1509 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 2K6

Donate securities

Donating securities or other assets to Comox Valley Hospice Society is a giving strategy that suits your needs and maximizes tax advantages.

If you own securities that have appreciated in value, selling them will incur capital gains taxes. But, by gifting your securities, you avoid these taxes and receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of the shares on the date that ownership is transferred to Comox Valley Hospice. The shares will then be liquidated, and the proceeds of the sale used to fund Comox Valley Hospice Society’s programs and services.

This kind of giving can be used for gifts you wish to make now or for legacy gifts by designating specific shares or a percentage of your portfolio to be donated to Comox Valley Hospice Society in your Will.

Visit our Canada Helps page for more information.


How your gift will be used

Your legacy gift to the Comox Valley Hospice Society eases the journey of dying and grieving for residents of the Comox Valley. Roughly 800 people in our community die each year, often with complexities that could be eased with emotional support. This number has been steadily increasing each year, and projections show this is a trend that will continue increasing demand for our services. Our clients come to us through referrals from medical professionals, community agencies, as well as directly from the community. We need your help to provide current services but also to meet the increasing demand and complexity.

Our comprehensive approach to end-of-life care provides relevant programs to support the emotional needs of those who are dying, their caregivers, and those who are bereaved. With your help, we can continue to offer inclusive programs that support families and individuals in these tender times while respecting personal autonomy and choice. We provide this support through a small paid staff of professional counsellors, program and volunteer coordinators, and administration staff. In addition, we have a team of xx trained volunteers who provide both direct and indirect support to clients. Out of necessity, we spend considerable time fundraising, sourcing the money that will allow us to continue the work we do. Supporting us with a legacy gift provides sustainability for our staff and programs, allowing us to focus on the people we want to help in the following ways:

• For those who are dying, CVHS provides direct one-to-one counselling services, as well as volunteer visiting programs at Comox Valley Hospital, *Hospice at the Views, in care facilities, and in private homes. We also provide one-to-one advance care planning with palliative clients upon request, volunteer companionship, self-care programs and vigil support.
• Family caregivers are able to access individual and family counselling, caregiver support groups, volunteer companionship, respite services as well as self-care programs.
• Those who have recently lost a loved one can access one-to-one grief counselling, volunteer companionship through telephone, in person, or online connection, as well as support groups, walking groups, and yoga for grief support groups.

Comox Valley Hospice Society is a community supported self-sustaining organization that models excellence. Access to our support services is provided by donation, so we rely on the generosity of the community. Your legacy gift helps us to meet these high standards of care.

*We look forward to offering our support services in the setting of a new facility built and managed by Golden Life Management (GLM) in 2021/2022. The new Ocean Front Village has 6 designated rooms for hospice patients and will allow an improved integration of the medical hospice care provided to families by the GLM nursing staff, supplemental services from family and palliative physicians and the Island Health nursing coordinators, as well as counselling and support services provided by CVHS. (Read More About Our Current Services and current COVID protocols.)

Estate planning is a very personal process and people choose to gift CVHS in their Will for different reasons. Some have had a life-long passion for hospice care, some have experienced the benefits of hospice care personally, while others use legacy giving as a way to remember a loved one and impart meaning — knowing that their gift will continue to impact the lives of others.

By including CVHS in your estate planning, you can know that you are making a difference in people’s lives.  It’s a way for your family to leave a compassionate legacy, ‘paying it forward’ in ways the support emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, and ensuring dignity in all stages of life. Our Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that we do our best to meet the needs of the Comox Valley now, and in years to come.

Our volunteers, staff and the people we serve are like a family that works together to contribute to a healthier community. And, our donors are an essential part of our family. We know that your money is valuable to you and many factors influence your motivation to give. We are honoured to be considered as part of your legacy giving plan.

Your contribution will be receipted according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Charitable Registration Tax No. 11928 0691 RR0001

It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.

—Jackie Mutcheson