Vancouver Island Education Day 2019

Event Date: November 9, 2019


Hospice board members, staff, volunteers and other partners in care have marked their calendar for the Vancouver Island Education Day on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at Tigh Na Mara Resort & Spa in Parksville. This gathering, hosted by the Federation of Vancouver Island Hospices. is an opportunity for sharing best practices in hospice palliative care and for hospice organizations and stakeholders to continue to foster collaborations. This year’s theme is “Emerging Practices in Palliative Care”. The day will follow the format of the successful past education days with presentations, workshops, a self-care room, an onsite bookstore and great food. The event is open to anyone interested in end-of-life care. Registration is only $65.

The two keynote sessions are Barbara Morningstar and a patient journey through an upstream palliative approach coordinated by Della Roberts.

Barbara will be talking about The Gifts and Challenges of Serving Others in Hospice Palliative Care. From their core and with the highest of intent, many individuals were drawn to end of life work to serve others. A noble goal indeed. In reality, once in the truth of the work, people often struggle personally with the high volume of death, demands of a busy system and the increasingly complex psycho-social needs of patients and families. In this important plenary Barb will discuss, “how do we find a way to stay healthy, authentic, compassionate, and not lose our initial passion for this amazing avenue of service in life?”Barbara Morningstar began serving in the hospice field over twenty-five years ago. She has worked with thousands of people during this tender time of change at three different hospice societies in BC. Barbara’s own husband of twenty years died of cancer in 2008. She is the founder of In Autumn’s Cocoon Education and is a keynote speaker at major hospice palliative care conferences. Her book Honoring the Mystery; Uplifting Insights from the Language, Visions, and Dreams of the Dying has received international recognition and support from some of the most noted pioneers in the hospice palliative care field.

Della, RN, MSN, CHPCN(C) is coordinating a panel of experts to present A Patient’s Journey Through an Upstream Palliative Approach.  In this engaging and broad plenary, Della and other experts in care will guide us through the story of a person experiencing a palliative approach in care. As we travel through a diagnosis of life-limiting illness through to the end of life & bereavement, they will highlight innovative practices and the impact of the palliative approach in action. Della Roberts is an advanced practice nurse supporting Hospice Palliative Care practice across settings. She leads initiatives to advance the practice of palliative care. Della has been instrumental in policy, program and guideline development including the provincial Afterhours Palliative Nursing Service, the expected/planned home death in British Columbia and the decision tool “Fraser Health Palliative Care: Determining next home care nursing visit.”

The rest of the day will be rich with discussions and workshops on topics including, but not limited to, the Compassionate Community model, bereavement support, storytelling to strengthen an organization, MAid and a palliative approach for the homeless.


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