The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.


Receiving news about a change in health can be frightening and raise many questions.

One’s ability to read and process information can be affected and our hospice team is here to lend help and guidance whatever your needs may be. We support people at home, in care facilities, in hospital and in our community hospice.

A plan can be developed to assist you now and in the future and will include hearing what matters most to you and how you wish to be supported. Your needs may change over time and our team is here to be responsive to your wishes. It is our commitment to help make every moment matter for you and your loved ones as health care needs change.

To request further information or to arrange an appointment as soon as possible contact our office at 250-339-5533 or email:


** Please note that the following program descriptions are subject to changes to format and/or availability depending on the current provincial COVID-19 protocols. These changes may be required at short notice.

Community supports available

Community Hospice

Our community hospice offers personalized care in a home like setting for people whose care needs may no longer be met at home, or, for those preferring residential hospice care.

For more information about admission to our community hospice you may wish to talk with your or your loved one’s family physician, a Home and Community Care Nurse or call our office at: 250-339-5533.

For a virtual tour of Hospice at The Views click here.

Individual and Family Counselling

*Due to the high demand for our services, there may be a wait list for counselling.

Our counselling services are available for people of all ages who have been recently diagnosed with serious illnesses and their family, friends and caregivers. Counselling offers a confidential and supportive way to talk about feelings and what matters most to you.

Counselling is offered on a one-to-one basis and with families and small groups as appropriate. Services are provided free of charge but donations are always welcome.

To arrange an appointment or for more information call: 250-339-5533

Advance care planning

A team of trained volunteers provide community or group presentations as well as free information sessions about advance care planning. Whether you are healthy or facing a life limiting illness, documenting your end of life wishes and designating someone to speak on your behalf regarding your health care can ease stress for you and your family members. Learn more about our advance care planning program here.

Blue Christmas/Celebrate a Life

Blue Christmas/Celebrate a Life is an annual seasonal event that supports the grieving and those experiencing hardship during the holidays. A message of empathy and special readings is prepared by the pastor at the Comox United Church with volunteer participation from CVHS to Celebrate a Life. Attendees are invited to remember loved ones by lighting a candle, and placing a name tag on the tree in their memory.

Lending Library

A lending library is available to clients seeking information about living with a life threatening illness, dying, grieving and caregiving. Resources include a large assortment of books, CDs, DVDs, and Audio Cassettes and may be signed out on loan.

Palliative direct care volunteer visiting programs

Palliative Client Support Program

Clients who have a life-limiting illness experience a wide range of emotions in a time of shifting circumstances. In addition to their own feelings about dying, they may also be managing the reactions of family and friends. CVHS offers emotional and spiritual support from carefully matched volunteers who are versed in the various issues, concerns and fluctuating needs that arise during this time.

This supportive companionship is offered in a variety of settings, over the phone, or online.  Volunteers offering energy work in healing modalities such as Reiki or Healing Touch are also available upon request.

CVHS volunteers provide in-person visits during scheduled shifts to those receiving care at CVH. These in-person visits provide a supportive emotional connection that is not centered on or limited to the client’s medical needs. This emotional support may also be of benefit to visiting family members as referrals to other services are offered.

CVHS volunteers also provide in-person visits during scheduled shifts to those who have been admitted to HaTV and help to welcome new patients receiving care. Volunteers provide emotional support at the bedside as well as a social connection that allows for intentional conversation. Having a supportive comforting connection with someone who is not a family member or health care provider can offer another facet of care that seeks to ensure that their emotional and spiritual needs are met.

Advance Care Planning

Having a life limiting illness can bring on a flurry of unanswered questions. Our 1-1 Advance Care Planning volunteers can help by providing resources for clients to help them to have important conversations with family about their end of life wishes.

Settling Program

Being in hospital and away from home can be hard to adjust to. Our opt-in settling program provides clients with an evening volunteer visitor who can provide restful music, Reiki or Healing Touch as a comforting end-of-day routine that promotes restful sleep.

Vigil Support

When someone is nearing death, both the client and the family may find comfort knowing that there is always someone close by. Vigil support to families is a service offered upon request. Depending on volunteer availability, a small group of volunteers may provide a comforting presence at the bedside to augment the support of family and friends.

Caregiver support volunteer programs

Circle of Caregivers

This is a weekly support group designed to meet the emotional needs of those who are caring for someone with a life limiting illness.  Offering a drop in format, participants can make new connections, learn about available resources, as well as how to develop new skills to avoid caregiver burnout and recognize their strengths.

Funding for this program gratefully acknowledged


Caregiver Client Support Program

CVHS clients who provide care for a friend or family member with a life limiting illness can access services in support of the significant emotional impact of their caregiving role, as well as the anticipated grief they will experience as the illness progresses. Caregivers can access in-person visits as well as telephone support with a trained volunteer familiar with the challenges, demands, and personal sacrifices that occur during the course of a life limiting illness.

Bereavement support programs

Grief Support

This program provides thoughtfully matched companionship to bereaved clients through the first year of their grief journey. Trained volunteers offer compassionate non-judgmental support to help naturalize the grieving process through in-person or phone visits that gradually become less frequent as the client learns to adjust to their loss. Clients can feel emotionally supported as they express their grief, share memories, talk about their concerns and challenges. Volunteers are supported by CVHS counsellors.

1:1 Bereavement Support Walk and Talk offers bereavement clients the opportunity to gently talk about their grief in an outdoor setting while walking with a CVHS volunteer. All current COVID protocols as recommended by health authorities are observed.

Group Supports

CVHS offers a variety of group supports that meet the needs of CVHS clients who are caregivers or bereaved. Group support is offered online and in-person depending on the group focus on format.


Intentional Walking

This program offers a variety of formats that combine the self-paced movement of walking with the beauty of nature and guided reflections prepared by our counsellor team.

Gentle Walks for Grieving Hearts are small walking groups of individuals comprised of CVHS clients who are experiencing a loss and trained CVHS volunteers. Participants meet weekly in accessible walking areas and are encouraged to talk about their feelings about grief while meeting others who are experiencing similar situations. All current COVID protocols are observed as recommended by health authorities.

The Nature Walk Program provides printed self-led walking guides for several locations with a variety of themes to help clients gain new perspectives, record their personal reflections, and increase self-awareness. These routes include the Puntledge River Transitions Walk, the Puntledge River Sensory Walk, the Airpark Amble, and 5 themes for the Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds.

Funding for this program gratefully acknowledged.


Self care programs

CVHS offers self –care programs that utilize energy work by request for clients and their family members as well as CVHS staff and volunteers. A team of volunteers trained in a variety of healing modalities including Reiki and Healing Touch provide an opportunity to practice self-care and promote relaxation and well-being.

Self Care Clinic

In person treatments are offered at the Comox United Church by CVHS volunteers trained in the healing modalities of Reiki or Healing Touch (as COVID-19 protocols permit). These 30-minute sessions are available by appointment to CVHS palliative clients, caregivers, the bereaved, as well as CVHS staff and volunteers.

Meditation Healing Circle

Volunteers trained in energy work and the healing modalities such as Reiki or Healing Touch provide comfort to clients remotely through prayer and meditation. At a specific time each week, volunteers focus the energy of their healing practice toward those requesting this support. Those receiving this service may choose to participate themselves, by relaxing in a receptive way during that time.